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Cholesterol - PEG 600 (14543)
Sale price$125.00
Chemical structure of Cholesterol Sulfate (14535): a cell membrane stabilizer and substrate for steriod synthesis
Cholesterol Sulfate (14535)
Sale price$100.00
BODIPY-Cholesterol: Fluorescently tagged cholesterol for LNP uptake monitoring excitation/emission wavelengths of 480 nm and 508 nm
BODIPY-Cholesterol (14526)
Sale price$190.00
Chemical structure of Beta-sitostanol (14524): plant sterol for lowering cholesterol
Beta-sitostanol (14524)
Sale price$150.00
Chemical structure of Lathosterol (14523): a cholesterol synthesis precursor and biomarker of excess production
Lathosterol (14523)
Sale price$200.00
Chemical structure of Desmosterol (14522): a cell membrane stabilizer and substrate for steriod synthesis
Desmosterol (14522)
Sale price$100.00
Chemical structure of Campesterol (14511): LXR agonist that enhances mRNA transfection
Campesterol (14511)
Sale price$400.00
Chemical structure of Fucosterol (14510): a plant sterol with antioxidant properties. Enhances mRNA transfection efficiency in LNPs.
Fucosterol (14510)
Sale price$90.00
Chemical structure of Stigmasterol (14497): a phytosterol lipid efficient in LNP-based mRNA transfection. Improves LNP stability and transfection efficacy in cell cultures and in vivo.
Stigmasterol (14497)
Sale price$58.00
Chemical structure of Stigmasterol hemisuccinate (STEMS) (14402): a pH-responsive derivative that enhances LNP-based mRNA transfection efficiency in acidic microenvironments like those around tumors
Chemical structure of Beta-sitosterol hemisuccinate (B-STEMS) (14401): pH-responsive Beta-sitosterol derivative that enhances mRNA transfection

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