Stigmasterol (14497)

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Stigmasterol is a naturally occurring phytosterol lipid that is growing in the bioprocessing space for its ability to improve lipid nanoparticle (LNP)-based mRNA transfection efficiency. LNPs are well known for facilitating the safe and effective delivery of mRNA to target cells, thus enabling therapeutic action. Cholesterol derivatives like stigmasterol offer two major benefits to LNP formulations: they can improve the stability of the LNP and they can increase the transfection efficiency in both in cell cultures and in vivo. Kyfora Bio's high purity, transfection grade stigmasterol can be used in conjunction with our other cationic lipid products to provide reliable performance for a variety of bioprocessing applications.

Catalog No. 14497
CAS No. 83-48-7
Molecular Formula C29H48O
Molecular Weight 412.7 g/mol
Store At 10°C - 25°C, protect from light
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