Transporter 5® Transfection Reagent (26008)

Size (mL):: 1 mL
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Transporter 5® Transfection Reagent is a ready-to-use transfection reagent based on a proprietary polyethylenimine derivative.  The structure of Transporter 5 condenses DNA into positively charged complexes which enter the cell by endocytosis.  Transporter 5 works exceptionally well for transfection of HEK-293, CHO, COS, HeLa, insect cell lines (Sf9 and Sf21) and a variety of other eukaryotic cell lines.

  • Easy to use: No solution preparation required
  • Superior performance: High transfection efficiency with low cytotoxicity compared to other reagents on the market
  • Flexible workflow: Easy to optimize and introduce into application protocols
  • Cost-effective
  • R&D grades available for process development
Catalog No. 26008
Appearance Liquid
Store At 4°C, do not freeze
Download Safety Data Sheet

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