Polyethylenimine HCl MAX, Linear, MW 4,000 (PEI MAX 4000) (24885)

Size: 2 grams
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Polyethylenimine HCl, Linear, Mw 4,000 (L-PEI HCl 4000) is a fully hydrolyzed (deacylated), highly water soluble hydrochloride salt form of our Polyethylenimine, Linear, Mw 2,500

Catalog No. 24885
CAS No. 49553-93-7
Appearance White to off-white free flowing solid
Molecular Weight 4,000 (~2,200 free base)
Solubility Cold & room temperature water
Insoluble in Common organic solvents (ethanol, acetone, tetrahydrofuran)
Hazards Irritant
Store At Room temperature
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