Polyethylenimine, branched (MW 10,000) (19850)

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Branched Polyethylenimine, Mw 10,000 (bPEI 10000) is highly branched liquid water soluble polyamine with high cationic charge density. bPEI 10000 contains primary, secondary, and tertiary amine groups in approximately 25/50/25 ratio. 

Industrially, branched polyethylenimine (bPEI) have extensive applications as an auxiliary agent intensifying manufacturing processes and improving quality of the final products. They are widely used in: paper-making, water treatment, detergents, adhesives, and cosmetics. In research, they are extensively investigated as non-viral vector carriers.

Catalog No. 19850
CAS No. 9002-98-6
Resin Content (WT%) 99%
Density 1.029-1.038
Viscosity 40,000-150,000 cps
Solubility Water, lower alcohols, glycols, and THF
Hazards Irritant
Molecular Weight 10,000 g/mol
Store At Room temperature
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