LipoVector™ (14494)

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LipoVector™ is our new lipid transfection reagent designed for the delivery of RNA, DNA, and proteins into eukaryotic cells (in vitro and in vivo). LipoVector™ interacts with nucleic acids and the cell membrane to provide efficient and safe delivery into cells. It can be used for transient and stable gene expression as well as co-transfections and is a powerful tool for intracellular delivery of nucleotides. Other applications include virus, protein, and antibody expression, LNP formulation for mRNA vaccines, siRNA-based gene knockdown, and stable cell line production.

  • Transfection efficiency: Dependable transfection of a wide range of cell lines with low cytotoxicity
  • Performance: Enhanced protein, antibody, and viral production
  • Simple workflow: Easy protocol with minimal optimization
  • Compatibility: Works with a variety of media
  • Low cost: Cost effective compared to competitor reagents
Catalog No. 14494
Shipping & Handling Requirements Dry ice
Store At -20°C

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