DOTAP Chloride (14475)

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DOTAP Chloride (N-[1-(2,3-Dioleoyloxy)propyl]-N,N,N-trimethylammonium chloride) is a widely used cationic liposome-forming compound for in vitro and in vivo transfection of DNA, RNA and other negatively charged molecules. DOTAP encapsulates the nucleic acids to form a stable complex spontaneously by means of electrostatic interaction, facilitates cell attachment, internalization by endocytosis as well as endosomal escape by proton sponge. It has been used in the formation of Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs) or Nanostructured Lipid carriers (NLCs) in the development of mRNA vaccines such as COVID-19 vaccine and drug delivery systems. This product is for research use only. 

  • High efficiency and reproducibility
  • Cost effective and easy to use
  • Scalable
Catalog No. 14475
CAS No. 132172-61-3
Linear Formula C42H80ClNO4
Appearance White to off white solid
Molecular Weight 698.54 g/mol
Shipping & Handling Requirements Dry ice
Store At -20°C, protect from moisture and light
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